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What we do

Doctor's Registration for Uzbekistan

Current need of Uzbekistan and other developing countries is to avail these medical facilities and consultation through an efficient system which can be helpful in improving health of their citizens.

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Medical camps using LiveOPD system

In most of the third world countries doctor to patient ratio is very low than the required standards set by World Health Organization (WHO).

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Real-time Video Conferencing

Connect from Laptop, Desktop, Tablet or your mobile. Cross platform, device independent Video Conferencing solution for everyone. Works on normal broadband, 3G, 4G connection for real-time communication.

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AV Solutions for Education

Complete suit for conducting live training sessions, virtual classroom, webcast, broadcast or interaction. Includes almost every possible module, document sharing, whiteboard, movie, customization on demand.

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Customised Live OPD solution for countrywide Telemedicine

Remote PHC & Diagnostic centres are implemented as customized solution where entire process right from Patient Registration to diagnostics can be defined by you.

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Live surgical transmission

OT to conference hall of anywhere, Worldwide. Transform your OT to deliver interactive surgeries, virtual proctoring sessions along with one way broadcasts to deliver HD+SD contents to worldwide audience.

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"Perseverance to bring knowledge to the remotest locations and delivering from best to the most is really acknowledgeable" Shri Nitin Gadkari, Ex-President BJP"

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"This is how technology can be used for making education or learning more effective. It makes geographical boundaries disappear" Dr. Arun Nigavekar, Ex-UGC, Chairman