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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is purpose of UZHEALTH, department of health, government of Uzbekistan registration?

For the first time a developing country has seriously looked at medical tourism to serve its citizens. The fact that they are combining continual medical education and medical tourism shows that they want to increase the competency of local doctors and serve the citizens better. The purpose of UZHEALTH registration for International doctors to achieve following:

What are benefits to International doctors after getting registered with UZHEALTH, department of health, government of Uzbekistan?
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How can a registered doctor provide Educational Services to UZHEALTH, department of health, government of Uzbekistan?

Registered doctors are asked periodically to update their online panels with the subjects they could teach. This is done to create a possibility of access to an archive of surgical procedures best known by the best in the fraternity. Such topics when selected by UZHEALTH, remuneration is paid through their authorized representatives for the education imparted. These sessions are with translators and in 2 way communication High definition technology provided by UZHEALTH technology partners WatchWitz Technologies Pvt Ltd in India. Click here to Register

How structured medical tourism is driven by UZHEALTH, department of health, government of Uzbekistan?

The reason why medical tourism fails are known and to ensure that the right doctors and professionals have access who do take responsibility of their patients are important. Hence the path of education to doctors in Uzbekistan will create a symbiotic introduction to the International community and telemedicine based OPDs will create faith and discipline wise filtration of patients in need by international specialists and super specialists in accordance with the Uzbekistan doctors. In this regard it's been now understood that surgeries where pre and post-operative measures are not available in the country medical tourism should be looked at conducively. On the other hand where local facilities are available registered doctors will be invited to perform surgeries. Click here to Register

What is the validity of UZHEALTH, department of health, government of Uzbekistan registration?

Registration is valid for 1 year from the date of issuing registration letter by UZHEALTH department of health, government of Uzbekistan. Click here to Register

What if application for UZHEALTH, department of health, government of Uzbekistan registration is declined?

In case if Application for registration with UZHEALTH is declined, registration fees is refunded back to the doctor without any deductions.

How can we connect to UZHEALTH TelemedicOPD Network? Is there any costs involved?

After registration based on requirement you will be able to connect to TelemedicOPD Network. License cost for connecting TelemedicOPD Network is included in registration fees. So you don't need to pay anything extra, just need to provide a good multimedia laptop with direct internet connection. Click here to Register

Is there a waiver possible for some doctors with regards to registration in case we choose 8 to 10 doctors?


Please let us know which specialties are apt and whether we will get patients for online OPD for these specialties. Please suggest if some other specialties need to be included as well.

You can include following specialties

Which specialties consultation will start in the initial stage?

Initial screening of patients on tele-consultation will be done by MD/DNB (Medicine) doctor, who will categorize patient into specific specialty based on diagnostics and case reports.

As per the brochure surgeries have to be done first in Uzbekistan by the doctor who needs to get patients for online consultation…Is it correct?

NO. Only if pre,post operative and surgical equipments are available according to the surgery specified, will the doctor be asked to quote for surgeries to performed in Uzbekistan. But in case if the facilities are not available then patient will travel to the hospital quoted by surgeon and accepted by patient. For either processes patient and doctor both have to be agree.

How many patients will each doctor see in a week?

We cannot commit exact numbers, however in a full day schedule could average an 80 to 150 patients, expected for OPD tele-consultation.

Fee for each consultation?

It will vary according to specialty and region. For each tele-consultation schedule an offer will be made which will also contain details of consultation fees per unique patient offered.

List of doctor documents which would be required for registration with the National Chamber of Innovative Healthcare of Uzbekistan (UZHEALTH). Also the number of days required for registration and due diligence.

Following documents are required for international doctor's registration with UZHEALTH

Approximately 45 days will be required for the registration if all documentation are submitted on time. Due diligence is done within 15 days after application documentation is over.

Also share the number of days required for the action to start once the above mentioned procedure is done from our end (doctor's end).

Once international doctor's application along with documents and fees is received, it is processed online within 24 to 48 hours. Our back-office gets in touch regularly for the entire process, due diligence and updates. Once the due diligence report is submitted and the application is accepted, a letter of authorization is given eligible for 1 year from the date of letter. After which it should take few days for training and then the schedule offers should start coming to you on email.