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"We had amazing experience as it can work on air. We did our first live broadcast of surgery on 4G connection” - Dr Sanjay Kulkarni (Hon. Asso. Prof. of Urology, K.E.M Hospital, Pune)


“Amazing technology, very cost effective. My warmest thanks for all your hard work and outstanding contributions” - Dr. Prashant Rahate (Organizing Secretary, WorldCon2014)


"The whole experience of the urology conference and the technology is impeccable, the content and the quality was very good, expecting more conferences of this level in future”

-Dr. Mahesh Desai (Medical Director & Managing Trustee, MPUH)


"I would recommend this technology to doctors who want to educate because of their ability to handle hundreds of online viewers, prompt working on delivery & also the system works on internet, so wider reach to audience.” - Dr. Shashank Shah(Director, Lapro-Obeso Center, Pune)


"The webinar transmission was seamless, followed by many surgeons worldwide and was a huge success” - Dr. Madan Kapre (Organizing Chairman FHNO 2015)


"We had a good time demonstrating variety of cases and you can see the team of Watchwitz Technologies Pvt Ltd who worked very hard for transmission of these procedures.” -MGWO Padmashree Dr. Nageshwar Reddy (Chairman, Asian Institute of Gastroenterology)


"Very innovative technology, excellent teamwork. We did our national level CME on Hernial updates with an ease.” - Dr. Dilip Gode (National president of the Association of Minimal Access Surgeons of India, V.C., DMIMS, Wardha)


"It works perfectly well even on normal broadband. We had wonderful experience of High quality video and crystal clear audio in every session” -Dr Roy Patankar (Joy Hospitals Mumbai)


"It was indeed a pleasure to be a part of the Kread’s 'Recent Advances in Urology'. It has been a nice experience demonstrating the cases and getting them webcasted to other countries. The arrangements, telecast, the quality of audio visual was brilliant. I am sure the delegates have benefited by receiving high quality surgical education without leaving their doorsteps.” - Dr. Pankaj Maheshwari (Fortis Hospital, Mumbai)